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Why SEO is Important for Not For Profits

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) increases the visibility of your business within search results that are organic (not advertising) result pages, making your business easier to find and bringing visitors to your site. Many nonprofits don’t invest effort and time into SEO because they don’t fully understand the advantages. Below are the six main reasons SEO merits effort and time.

1.) You can compete with the big boys without spending a lot of money.

SEO doesn’t make distinctions based on budget or size, and it is concerned with keywords. The best way to achieve a better ranking is to choose the correct times, not the words you use for your business. But terms that people search for. There are many different keywords and don’t make assumptions about the keywords. Do your research. SEMRush or Google Ads Keyword Planner will provide the top keywords in online search results.

If your organization stops using “special learning” and instead uses “specialized education” to reduce special education stigma. According to SEMrush, 260 users a month searched for specialized learning, and twelve thousand one hundred looked up special education. It’s OK to continue practicing specialized education, but use keywords that mention special education. Once they have found you and become engaged in your teaching, you can help them learn your language. Start by using keywords, and others will follow.

2.) You can create credibility and expand your reach.

One method to increase your online presence and your charity’s credibility is through the power of thought. It’s great to share information about your accomplishments, results, and financial health. What increases awareness and connects you with others who have a similar mission is content that experts write.

Your company can be a specialist in its area of expertise. If you have children who have special requirements, you can write articles about special education. You may also make comments on news stories that are relevant to your goals. Contribute your expertise to your site and to other blogs or websites to boost your ranking. Be sure to request the link back to your website at the close of this article. Links from your website and to your website improve the SEO ranking.

When the scandal surrounding college admissions was exposed, College Bound, an organization that assists students with low incomes to obtain college scholarships, used their experience in admissions to tell their story and increase their online presence.

Use websites like Answer The public to discover the questions people ask on Google to better understand the issues of your supporters and develop content for them and draw in people who are similar to them.

3.) SEO makes it simple for potential donors to find you on search results.

Based on Charity Navigator, online giving was up 23 percent in 2017, and the monthly online donation grew 40 percent. Making it simple for donors to locate our website is essential in fundraising. If they type in your name wrongly or in part, the name is not accessible. It’s also an added feeling of pride to find an organization they are a part of that was ranked high.

How to Boost Your Nonprofit’s SEO

    • Include keywords in your title for images. Instead of uploading photos with an assigned name, change the name of the image using your keywords. Replace those random numbers and letters with your own keywords (special-education1 Special-education1, special-education2, and so on.) Make this change for every document, image, or file you post.
    • Utilize the “mullet” concept when writing blog and website headlines. Mullets are the hairstyle of the 80s that is iconic are often referred to as business-like in the front, and partying at the rear. Make sure you include your keyword in the front (the business) and the rest of your headline (the event) at the rear. Special education: 5 ways to help your child’s education.
    • Upload your presentations into Google Slides. Google is thrilled with the way you use its products. If you have any presentations put them online and make sure to do this with each new presentation.
    • Utilize more videos. YouTube is the second in used search engine and is controlled by Google. Create videos based on your expertise content and then upload them on your channel. Be sure to change the name of the video with keyword phrases and include your words in the descriptions and hashtags. Video doesn’t need a perfect quality, but it should be relevant information. Making use of videos on social media can increase popularity.

You will have a constant stream of potential supporters.

SEO can assist those who don’t know you. But are you interested in your cause to find them? If you know what keywords are being searched for and how to use them, you’ll be able to attract people to your business. They are those who have themselves have expressed an interest in your cause, so they’re likely to become prospects. This is how you can keep new volunteers, donors, or program participants coming into your organization.

5.) SEO can help you gain local attention.

Why would you focus on something that is as broad as ranking on search engines even if your business is based locally? Search engines incorporate geographic information in their search results. Your business will be ranked higher in searches that incorporate your region, for example, “dog rescue St. Louis,” as well as rank with no location mention, such as “dog rescue.” A Google Business Profile with reviews and a Google map on your site and Yelp could boost local rankings.

6.) Your current social media campaigns will be more efficient.

Like all marketing strategies, SEO for you not for profit is not a perfect solution and can only be effective as part of a comprehensive marketing strategy. Furthermore, it will make the work that your company is doing on your social media and website more efficient. Using keywords to help you become more in tune with potential patrons and utilizing them across all platforms of social media as well as on your website will make your existing efforts more effective and engaging.


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