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How to Read PST File without Outlook?

Outlook is required to open a PST file, but if you do not have the program. Then what will you do? To answer this question, we present to you every possible way to read PST file without Outlook, with easy steps to follow. So without wasting time, let’s start.

Outlook is the world’s most popular desktop-based email program which has its own file format to save, import, and export the data, which is a PST file. Personal Storage Table, which is also known as a PST file. It is the default file format of Outlook, situated in the local storage of the computer. This file is created using the Outlook POP server, which secures your file using a password. As a result, it is a very good way to save your files.

To view the PST file in Outlook, just open the program, select the import option, and open your file. This is a very easy process. However, what if you have not installed Outlook and still want to read the file? If that is the case, then there are various ways you can use it.

Methods to Read PST File Without Outlook

Google Workspace introduces a migration tool for Outlook. In this, we download the tool and try to open the PST file to read the content of the file. In this way, you don’t require Outlook to read the files. There is another method you can use to view your file, a third-party tool in which you directly open the files without harming the data of the file. Thus, there are two possible ways to read the file.

  • Manual method: using the Google Migration tool for Outlook to view the PST file.
  • Professional method: view the file using the tool.

Manual Way to Read PST File Without Outlook

Google Workspace Migration for Microsoft Outlook is a tool we use to view the PST files. It is free to use, and you have to first download the tool according to your Windows version.

  1. Download the tool by following this path: tools.google.com/dlpage/gsmmo.
  2. Click on the link according to your system. Install the program and click on the Continue option.
  3. Type your Gmail ID and click Allow to provide permission to migrate the file.
  4. Select Migrate Outlook user Profile or a PST file and click on the Next option.
  5. Choose the calendars, contacts, emails, and other mailbox items you want to view. Then press the Migrate option.
  6. After the migration process is done, click on the OK button.

Limitations of the Manual Method

It is a free-to-use method but has some drawbacks that are unavoidable.

  • Sometimes the tool cannot be downloaded due to errors.
  • There are chances that your file is missing some data after migrating.
  • It takes more time if you have large PST files.

Therefore, this method is not a suitable way to view your Outlook file. But don’t worry; there is another way to read your file.

Professional Method to Read PST File Without Outlook

Another method to view Outlook files is software, where you directly read the PST file without opening it in the program. FreeViewer Outlook PST Viewer Tool is software that can do this work effortlessly. In this, you have to just add the file where you are located, and then you can analyse your file in depth. The software also provides various features.

Features of Software

  • The software allows users to analyse the content of the PST file easily.
  • Without any issues, you can view your PST files with attachments.
  • If you upgrade the program to Pro and Pro Plus, you can export your PST file to PDF and other file formats.
  • You can also view damaged and corrupted files.
  • The software previews the PST file in multiple modes, like HEX, MIME, HTML, headers, etc.

Steps to Read PST File Using Software

  1. Download and install the software.
  2. Click on the Add File option and browse the path where your file is located.
  3. Open the file and click on the Add File option. Now all the data in your file is displayed on the screen.
  4. Now, at the bottom of the software, select the mailbox items like calendars, contacts, notes, etc.
  5. On the top of the file list, you click on Subject, To, and From to view the properties of files.
  6. Preview your file in normal view, properties, attachments, etc. Click on the Upgrade to Pro option to export the files to PDF.


There are some ways to read PST file without Outlook. So, in this article, we provide two methods that can do this. The GWMMO tool is a good way to view your file, but it has some flaws. However, software methods don’t have such drawbacks; in fact, they offer features that help you analyse the data. Thus, whether you have Outlook or not, you are still able to read the files.

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