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Commercial LED Light Sources: Street and Parking Lot LED Fixtures

For any organization, it is important to opt for less expensive light sources as electricity charges are increasing day by day. Introduction to LED light sources has been beneficial for industry owners as these lights provide high visibility and seems eco-friendly in terms of maintenance cost and high durability. To minimize unwanted turns of events, placing these lights in places like highways, streets, and parking lots necessitates a high beam by distributing light beams in different directions.

What characteristics of LED Lights play a major role in illuminating the places like Parking Lots and Streets with complete visibility?

  • Check the Performance of Lighting Sources:

Light performance is the most crucial concept to be looked upon while installing lights in parking lots. The lights installed in the park’s color must be blue hue as their should be enough visibility to avoid accidents. Also, pedestrians should feel safe while walking in the parking lot. In movies, when lights Flickr in a parking lot, a ghostly sound shushes everything. So, don’t add low-quality LED lights to the parking lot as flickering will make it a spooky place for the public. Get the best-LED lighting controls from our online store.

  • Eco-Friendly and High Color Rendering Index:

LED Lights often distribute crisp lighting that is non-glaring and gives high visibility at night. LED lights are more approached as compared to HID Lighting sources due to their crisp color, high visibility, and concentrated evenly distributed beam patterns. These brighter light sources are energy efficient in detecting crime activity and tracking a criminal identity via video recording.

Aside from the potential for lower crime rates, cities considering upgrading to LED lighting must also consider energy savings. LEDs utilize less than half the energy of an HID light fixture. Despite utilizing less electricity, the fixtures produce better quality light with higher color rendering indexes (CRI) than HID fixtures. The color rendering index (CRI) is a metric that determines how well a light source reproduces genuine colors. The CRI of an HID bulb can range from 0 (high-pressure sodium) to 65 (high-intensity discharge) (metal-halide). LED fixtures can achieve CRIs of 75 and higher. Colors are presented more correctly, and visibility is improved, in lighting with a CRI of 80 or higher.

Main Objective behind Introducing LED Light Fixtures

LED Light Sources are designed using High Lumen output to increase visibility in deserted areas. Besides, the lights are considered an efficient solution in terms of wattage and less electricity cost. LED Lights usually have high CRI as poor CRI makes it difficult for an individual to notice road traffic signs. Besides, Lights placed on highways and parking lots usually have a warm shade which signifies warm color temperature allowing drivers to adjust the temperature according to preference.

Cost is a major factor for any business owner. When we look at the common wattages for LED parking lot lighting, we see that they range from 50 to 500 watts. If we look at HID parking lot lights with the same wattage, the range is 400 watts to 1000 watts. We observe a 40 percent to 60 percent reduction in energy use solely by switching from HID to LED. In terms of cash, this implies that your facility might save up to $400 per fixture in electricity expenditures. Depending on the size of your parking lot, this could result in significant cost savings.

  • Maintenance Cost Reduction:

Aside from the huge energy savings, upgrading to LED light sources can also save money on maintenance. Do LEDs differ from their HID counterparts in terms of how they generate light?  And, how do they develop through their functional life? LED-generated light output diminishes extremely slowly over time, rather than ceasing to function once a fuel source is severely diminished.

As a result, an LED product’s functional life can be substantially longer than that of an HID lamp. Significantly, lowering the expenses of maintaining parking and area lighting over time.

From a Lighting Manufacturer’s viewpoint, the design is made to subside the light ray into evenly distributed multi directions on an intended surface. The only thing that differs from the light display on the intended surface is the varied size and distance of the pole or LED Fixtures from the surface.

Conclusion LED Light Sources

Xicato offers complete control in relighting your ambiance with energy-efficient lighting sources. These lights can differ in shape, size, and hue based on the location. The distributors are known for their LED sources in terms of performance, reliability, and quality of beams. Choose Xicato, if you are looking for efficient lighting options for your facility to avoid unexpected events.


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