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Tips you should adhere to get relief from the Afvoer verstopt

One of the most plentiful natural resources available on the planet earth is considered water and this is easily available, people almost forget about this. Afvoer vers top is a serious condition that further performs a huge amount of waste of water. There will be times in your home when you will notice that the residues are not going through the pipe no matter how much water you pour. Well, these are nothing but clogged drain that makes this happen. The Afvoer verstopt also arrives with warning signs, which include poor water flowing, unpleasant odors, and less flowing of water from the bathroom pipes. These are signs of greater harm. However, if you cure it on the first day of sign then you can get an easy relief. 

The Afvoer verstopt thus is something that requires fast action and cleaning. Therefore, are you interested to know how you can get relief from, the clogged drains? Then you can further follow this article to avail of the pieces of information. 

What mainly causes the Afvoer verstopt?

Understanding the cause is highly important to further perform a cleaning. It is proved that you cannot cure a problem until you what the problem is. This also goes for this as well. Normally the things that cause the Afvoer verstopt are:

  • Kitchen and Sinks Clogs
  • Food Particles- In your daily life there are several kinds of food that you eat. And while preparing the food you use the kitchen sink. From washing to cooking everything is performed with the sink. At this time several residues get inside the pipe and if these are not in the liquid stage then it is obvious that they will get stuck over there creating the clogging of the drain. Normally the large food particles create this blunder, especially on the P-trap.
  • Fat, Grease, and Oil- Fatty, oily, and greasy substances also are highly responsible for creating clogs in the pipes and drains. When this remains in the hot stage it gets easily down but as soon it starts to cool it takes a solid shape further clogging the whole pipe or system. These slowly make a complete blockage of the drains.
  • Bathroom Sink Clogs
  • Soap Scum- The bathroom drains are highly prone to clogging due to two main factors among which soap scum is one. These might sound weird but in fact. It is true that greasy soap residues can create a full blockage of the drain.
  • Hair- Another common thing that clogs and creates a blockage over the drainage system is the hair. At the time of bathing the hair gets through the pipes and further gets stacked creating a nest of hairs over there. These slowly clog the path and prevent the water from flowing.

How to get rid of the Afvoer verstopt?

If you really want to get relief from the Afvoer verstopt, then you can opt for plumbers of Jackbastiaans. However, below are points provided by which you can also clean the clogged drains.

  1. Salt And Baking Soda

You can consider salt and baking soda to remove the clogged substances. Further to get this you have to mix ½ cup of salt with ½ cup of baking soda and pour it accordingly. These can show their magic after 1.-12 minutes. After this, you can pour hot water to clean the overall area.

  • Vinegar, Baking Soda, Gravity, and Pressure

Vinegar and baking soda also work like magic for clogged drains.

  • The Drain Snake

This is a device that helps to get things out. These are also highly flexible in nature and are made up of soft, flexible metals.

  • Wet and Dry Vacuum

These are magnificent tools to unclog the drains. Also, with these, you can first set the vacuum liquids and can create a tight seal over the drain. You can also cover the area to avoid mess. This along with the plungers works the best.

  • The Bent Wire Hanger

This is another tool that can work incredibly. You can, however, create this with any old hanger present in your home.


Thus if you really want to get a quick result you can opt for the above 5 tips. Also, if you do not get a satisfying result then you can consider taking help from Jackbastiaans, Here you can avail yourself of the best plumbers as well.


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