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4 Digital Marketing Tips to Elevate your 4th of July Sale

Fireworks, potato salad, and red and blue all around. Yes, the Digital Marketing Tips 4th of July is coming up and everyone’s going to be busy partying and getting the perfect tri-colored shots for social media. There’s one other activity that’s going to be on the rise: retail shopping.

The 4th of July is known for its endless sales – online and in-store – and naturally, people scramble to get the best deals that they can find! But somehow, having the best deals on the best products isn’t always enough for a retail store to hit it off with its sales. Why? Well, because you might not even be reaching your target audience!

In other words, you need to go down the marketing route and let people know about the amazing 4th of July sales that you’re offering. And while there’s a lot you can do within marketing and promotion, digital marketing is a failsafe path to go down!

Here’s how you can promote your 4th of July sale through digital marketing:


Advertise Using Visual Posts (Digital Marketing Tips)

Visuals stand out more than text, and with the increasing amount of time that individuals are spending online. They often scroll away lazily, only stopping when something catches their eye. To make sure that your 4th of July sales are that something. There’s no better way to promote them than in visual form.

Anything from social media posts on sites such as Instagram and Facebook to marketing flyers sent out via email campaigns. The goal is to have your visuals capture both the essence of your brand and the awesomeness of your sale!

If you’re a non-designer and worried about how you’re going to achieve stunning visuals without emptying the bank. Then there’s just the tool for you to turn to PosterMyWall! A commonality in the business world, some of the best in the industry are turning to it to handle their design needs. Super easy to use, customizable, and with tons of 4th of July flyer templates on there, designing will become a breeze!


Get Creative with Google Ads

While posts on social media can do wonders. It’s paid advertising that gets results faster, and the best among them is Google Ads. Designed to target users that align with your brand’s customer demographic, Google Ads uses information such as keywords and individual online preferences to display ads to internet users.

When creating a Google Ad for your 4th of July sale, make sure to highlight the deals being offered and how people can access them as well as pairing them with attractive visuals. Of course, this method of promotion brings results. It’s important to keep your budget in check so you save yourself from spending more than you earn!


Diversify your Promotions with Slideshows

Have you ever been frustrated trying to fit everything onto a single flyer or a single social media post? Well, while overdoing it is never a positive, sometimes we simply have too much information to put out. And breaking it up while keeping it all connected is the only way that makes sense.

Introduce slideshows on your social media. Slideshows are great Digital Marketing Tips to use in your 4th of July sale promotions! Not only can you convey more to your audience. But the click and reveal feature also invites users to engage with your content.

And the best part is that designing a slideshow – or multiple – is no big deal if you’ve got PosterMyWall on your hands. Gone are the days of having to create templates from scratch and spending hours – and money – perfecting your designs. With PosterMyWall’s slideshow maker you can easily customize templates in a matter of minutes, all for free!


Pay Attention to Your JULY Digital Marketing Tips

It’s not only the visuals that deserve attention. Your text is just as important when promoting your 4th of July sale. It’s a known fact that well-written copy helps make sales. Whether that’s a copy in the form of emails, advertisement text, or even social media captions, it’s an area that requires work.

Write compelling, engaging copy without becoming too wordy. And be sure to add well-researched and relevant keywords to help your marketing material reach the right people. And of course, CTAs are a must – after all, that’s your last chance to convert a potential customer into an actual customer!

So, if you’re buzzed about the 4th of July coming up and want to promote your retail store’s sales. Then digital marketing is the way to go – and these tips will take you a long way!


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