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Buyable Content That Drives Sales

Buyable Content is a hit.

Buyable Content: This new technology has given shoppers something they want: the ability to shop directly on social media. This makes sense: if a customer sees something they like, they may want to buy that product.

If you want to create buyable content for your business, you may want to explore your options. You’ve probably seen photos of purchaseable products before, but there are more types of content to consider.

In this guide:

Description of the content for purchase

The benefits of using store-ready content for businesses

Five kinds of store content

What is Buyable Content?

Purchasable content is any online content that consumers can use to add products directly to their cart or go to a product page. The biggest difference between traditional and purchased content is the ability to include product tags.

Purchasable content is a convenient way to find and buy products with a strong business strategy. More than 25% of consumers aged 16 to 64 are currently looking for products on social media, so it’s important to shop there directly.

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Benefits of purchasing content for brands

With so many people looking for products and inspiration on social media, content to buy has become an important marketing tactic.

Contrary to traditional purchases:

It makes it easy to add products to the cart

It allows you to sell a lot of related products like Clothing

He doesn’t stop watching or reading

It allows sellers to more easily measure conversions

It shortens the customer journey and accelerates product identification

Legacy content also has many benefits, but store-ready content is better at driving traffic to your store. This is because of its ability to make instant purchases and provide a personalized experience to customers – which supports multi-channel marketing strategies.

So what are your authoring options to buy?

Many people think that the content available for purchase is primarily images, such as Instagram interactive posts, but that many other types of content can be purchased as well.

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Types of Buyable Content

In this section, we take a look at the five most common types of store content they use to attract customers. The perfect choice will depend on your company’s sales channels and your target audience’s preferences for product discovery, so it’s a good idea to browse through everything.

Let’s start with the most popular Instagram.

Instagram interactive posts with purchase option

Instagram interactive posts that can be purchased include product photos with tags. When you touch a product, a small window opens with information such as title and prices.

A Sample of Buyable Content

A new lipstick collection from Cinema8 Cosmetics was announced in this interactive post in the store. A viewer who wants to buy something simply taps on the product and then on the price tag.


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