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6 Ways Custom Printed Shipping Boxes Can Add Value to CPG Products

The impression that brands impart on customers starts long before they actually use their CPG items. Custom-printed shipping boxes made with care and compassion profoundly affect customers’ shopping experiences.

Obviously, the stakes are high when it comes to the brand image projected through the CPG boxes. Why not take things into your own hands and redefine the customers’ sentiments around your brand? Brands can have greater control over how they want their customers to view their business and can consciously put their best foot forward.

The design process

If you aren’t a professional artist, don’t feel let down. The procedure of designing CPG boxes is simplified in this article to give you a better understanding of what it entails.

The most prominent design feature is the one that customers purposely remember like the brand name, logo, colors, and patterns. But what most new sellers do not realize is that the boxes aren’t just what appears to the eyes. There is a whole logic and reasoning behind the styling and creation of CPG boxes.

This process usually includes the following steps.

#1: Budget assessment  (custom printed shipping boxes)

Identifying what proportion of the annual budget you can easily spend on creating custom CPG boxes would ensure that healthy bottom lines are maintained throughout. It is also a good way to ensure that you already have the resources needed for the design process.

New companies and SMEs need not worry. If you are constrained by limited budgets, then it doesn’t mean that you can’t get your ideal boxes. Professional box engineers and artists ensure that you get the best deal within your means. A lot of custom options make it viable to create the best possible boxes. One of them is the option of getting boxes in bulk which reduces per-unit costs considerably.

Assessing your costs and planning savings prompts efficient utilization of resources and perhaps may generate higher appending margins than you originally thought!

#2: Pinpoint the branding purpose

This step is the most significant one. What do you need the boxes for? Is it to introduce the business, offer renewed branding, indicate seasonal promotions, or simply elevate sales?

The sheer purpose is the basis on which the box designs would be constructed. Custom CPG boxes communicate various sentiments to customers. They can strongly bridge the gap between new buyers and the brand. Determine what you need the boxes for and you will be in a better position to design them as required.

Another factor is to identify the customer type. Who are your customers and what do they expect from their CPG packaging? Consumer variables such as gender, locality, and gender play a huge role in determining customer preferences. Also, do your customers value sustainable packaging, varied graphical representation on the boxes, or better and safer deliveries?

Considering these provides a sketch of how the custom-printed shipping boxes must be made to cater to customer demands and reap good value on investment.

#3: Evaluate your CPG product needs

The boxes you choose depend on what size and characteristics your products have. Sensitive and fragile items need thicker boxes. Shipping boxes are normally made of corrugated stock as compared to in-store displays, etc.

A lot of custom options may seem confusing. Thus, it is mandatory that you decide your product dimensions and nature to select the materials, box shapes, and measurements accordingly. All the other design steps would be appreciated by buyers only when the CPGs reach them safely.

Torn or mutated products are a big no-no. These deter the effort put into crafting the perfect boxes. Modifications allow the boxes to be made of reusable stock and impress more customers. These also are more affordable to get and don’t waste time in production due to the materials being available all year round.

#4: Rethink the box shapes (custom printed shipping boxes)

Next, the box shapes help brands to stick out. Creative custom packaging comes in all forms. Be it gable boxes, one-piece mailers, folding cartons, auto-tuck ends, custom sleeves, and more. Often, brands in the identical CPG product market report varying sales due to customers preferring one box shape over another!

Another reason is a technical one; you can’t effectively package food items in mailer boxes as they might need more spacious packaging. Likewise, electronic items need thicker box cuts than apparel, and so on.

#5: Create numerous prototypes

The first attempt at box designing may not be the perfect one. It always works to craft varied versions of your final box layout. This way, you can pick the one that seems the right fit. Professional box makers provide modern designing software that helps to style the boxes multiple times until you come up with the best one.

This invariably saves a lot of time and costs in actually printing and reprinting. Numerous errors can be scrutinized beforehand and only the most productive box layout is finalized for printing.

#6: Seek professional help

There is no harm in asking for help with inbox design. It is a lengthy process and can consume considerable time too.

Expert box engineers can do the same task in less time and cost. The end product looks more professional and sleek. Stylists know exactly what color combos look aesthetic and attract customers. They add custom features that enhance the brand value proposition.

All you need to do is guide them on how you want your CPG boxes to appear. The above points would give you a better idea of the customer and product requirements. These offer workable tips on box construction and sizing.

The main focus must be on the box quality. Safe and timely deliveries cultivate stronger trust in the brand. Once customers get their hands on the boxes, the outer designs influence their shopping experiences and foster customer loyalty. Nothing beats the custom printed shipping boxes in elevating brand repute and assuring a constantly escalating sales inflow.

Conclusion of custom printed shipping boxes

All your box design troubles can be laid to rest with this clearly explained procedure. Put together a design that enthralls your customers.


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