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6 Simple Ways to Promote Your Mobile App

Take Backlink: Promoting your mobile app is an integral part of getting that app into the hands of your future users. You can have the best product in the world. But if no one knows about it, you’re going to struggle with gaining traction and growing a large installation base.

This article will give you 6 key ways to promote your app and help boost downloads and user acquisition. Below we’ve detailed one way each to go about promoting yourself as an indie developer.

Review Sites & Directories

The first step in promoting your app starts long before it’s published on either Google Play or iTunes. The biggest mistake people make when starting out is just throwing their app up there without any foresight or planning. You need to figure it out. What kind of audience you’re targeting and make a list of review sites and directories that cater to them.

Next, you need to get in contact with the reviewers and let them know about your app. Remember: it’s never going to be a good fit for every site out there, so don’t waste time and money sending your app off to places where it just won’t be reviewed.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is one of the best ways to communicate with others these days, but did you know that it can also be used as an effective marketing tool? You need to set up accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and other relevant networks and mix social media into your daily online routine.

What we mean by “mixing social media into your daily routine” is that. You should share information about your app as well as tips and tricks online. But try to avoid constantly sharing the same thing over and over again. People aren’t going to take you seriously. If it looks like you’re only using social media as a way to promote yourself.

Engage With the Right Communities

Another great way to use social media for promotion is by engaging with the right online communities. For example, there are certain subreddits out there where mobile developers hang out and share ideas often because they’re looking for constructive feedback from strangers or friends alike. This can be a great way of getting word-of-mouth going about you and your app before it even hits the market!

Partner Up with Other Mobile Apps

Another marketing-centric idea is to look for mobile apps. Those are in the same market as you and approach them with a proposal. If they’re willing, offer up your user base as a way for them to increase their own installs. This means that if someone downloads their app. Then yours will also be installed with it at no extra cost or download required!

Mobile App Store Optimization (ASO)

Finally, now that your app is out on one of the big stores (e.g.: Google Play). You need to ensure that it’s ranking high in search results. So people can easily discover it when searching for relevant keywords, phrases, or names.
There are plenty of services out there like Sensor Tower and App Annie that can help you with this. This is why it’s helpful to do your research before releasing an app (mobile app).

Once your app is ranking well for certain search terms. You need to make sure it ranks well on your own app’s online page. We all know how big Google Play and the iTunes store are. So there’s no excuse for not covering this base first.
You can do this yourself by reading up on ASO. But if you prefer to use a service then give one of the above-mentioned services like Sensor Tower or App Annie ago.

Contacting Other Big Mobile Developers (mobile app)

If you’re looking for more advice about how best to promote yourself as an indie developer. Then why not contact other successful developers? Not only will they be able to tell you where they look for inspiration (blogs, websites, directories).

But they can also give you advice on how they managed to hit the top of the charts. If nothing else, most developers will be happy to chat about their experiences with you. Furthermore, that alone is invaluable information!

So, there we have it; 6 simple ways to promote your mobile apps. Remember: don’t be pushy or spam anyone’s feeds (unless they asked you to do so) and make sure. That if you’re looking for feedback then ask the right people in the right places.


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