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Underground Pipe Repair – The Ultimate Guide For Homeowners

Plumbing problems, especially damaged sewer pipes, are a homeowner’s worst nightmare. Every pipe in your house drains into the mainline, and if it collapses or becomes damaged, your whole plumbing system will be out of commission. But, as with most plumbing issues, broken sewer pipes are very much fixable with timely detection. Opting for a specialist underground pipe repair can keep your drainage system clear of blockages so that your home drains properly and prevents the spreading of mold.

The article below breaks down all you need to know about underground sewer pipe repairs.

What Causes Broken Underground Pipes?

Underground drainage pipes are less likely to be damaged as their location provides them great protection from all kinds of elements and external physical damage. But, it is still possible for underground pipes to rupture. Some of the most common reasons for broken drain pipes are:

  • Freezing Temperatures

One of the major causes of a damaged underground pipe is when water freezes inside it. This is the major reason many homeowners consider waterproofing their entire piping system.

  • Wear & Tear

Water has the potential to destroy any surface. However, it takes decades before a drain pipe sustains any severe damage. Usually, homeowners organize underground pipe inspections every 10 years to prevent problems from escalating.

  • Blockages

Blockages from toilets and drains can move through the rest of your piping system and make it all the more difficult to clear. The powerful pressure could ultimately lead to a rupture.

  • Tree Roots

Do you or your neighbors have any trees nearby? If so, their roots could wrap around a drain pipe until it bursts. Even though these are rare cases, it happens sometimes.

Signs You Need Underground Pipe Repair Services

  • Strong Bad Odour

Does your house smell like a sewer? Well, the sewage smell is a warning sign of not only broken pipes but also a great indicator as to where the damage really is. So, if you smell raw sewage in your house, be assured that the problem is your underground drain pipe.

  • Flooding (Underground pipe repair)

Have you been noticing a puddle of water forming in your basement lately? If so, you perhaps have water damage and need drainage pipe repairs immediately.

  • Skyrocketing Water Bill

Drainage pipe leaks under the concrete slab of the basement take a lot of time until it gets discovered as you won’t be able to notice any water damage. In such cases, receiving high water bills suddenly is the only tell-tale sign of the need for underground drain pipe repair.

  • Mold

If you leave damp spots unattended for a long period, they would grow mold eventually. Not only is mold unsightly but also poses a health risk to people who suffer from asthma and allergies.

  • Poor Water Quality

Is the water coming out of your faucet foggy or brown-colored? If so, your water supply is likely to be contaminated owing to the damaged drain pipe. Consider hiring a specialist at once.

If you notice any of the above tell-tale signs, consider it as an indicator of the need for professional underground pipe repair. Call a skilled plumber and he will fix your broken underground pipe with the utmost precision.

Hire Expert Technicians To Fix Broken Drain Pipes

Now that you are aware of the signs indicating you have a broken pipe underground, you might be tempted to think that it is a job you can easily complete yourself without any problem. However, underground sewer pipe repair is a specialized job. It is strongly recommended to hire specialists and leave the damage to the professionals.

No matter whether it’s under a busy city street or on your basement floor, underground pipe repairs of any type are specialized work. Pipe repairs require a unique skill set that only professionals possess. Specialists harness the latest technology to carry out an underground survey in Ireland, including GPR, to locate and determine if you need instant repairs.

Although underground pipes are quite hidden from sight, it doesn’t mean they are invulnerable to damage. Some waste materials might contain substances that rust metal pipes and break plastic ones. Since the problem isn’t immediately visible in drainage pipes, specialty tools are required to identify the exact location and depth of the underlying issue. Enlisting the services of professional plumbers is thus important for broken drain pipes.

Conclusion of Underground pipe repair

When it comes to sewer problems, the worst thing a homeowner can do is put off repairs. Not only are sewer line problems frustrating, but also pose a severe health task. Hiring a professional plumber who specializes in underground pipe repair services in Ireland is thus important.


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