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Six Most Popular CMS Platforms In 2021

The content management system is the platform that offers you immense ease of developing your website without bothering much about technical stuff like coding. In this digital era, everything ranging from schools to large and small-scale businesses relies on their websites to form a firm online identity. Even the government is also focusing on building more websites to make the interaction between citizens and the administration more active and smooth. Government websites on CMS assist us in knowing the new policies and updates as soon as possible. If you also want to create a website but feel overwhelmed due to so many choices available, this article will help you discover the right choice for you! Read the article till the end to explore the most popular CMS platforms in 2021.

WordPress.org CMS Platforms

WordPress.org is one of the most popular CMS platforms, which supports approximately 42% of websites. It is a free CMS platform and was originally established for bloggers. However, after some time, people started to use it for creating all sorts of websites, and it turned out to be one of the most versatile platforms. Indeed it is a prominent government website CMS as well. It provides you with a lot of flexibility without any requirement of coding. Also, the site provides you with a block editor, which helps you create an excellent page with less effort. WordPress will also help you with search engine optimization, which makes it an impressive option to create your website.

Hubspot CMS hub

Are you a business owner or a marketer looking for an online platform for your brand? 

If yes, then HubSpot CMS hub is the perfect fit for you! It is an integrated platform that encompasses several tools for sales, service, and marketing automation. Moreover, you can work on this platform even if you are not a tech-savvy person. Apart from the features of ease and flexibility, the platform offers you built-in security features, including a web application firewall. Also, the security team helps to ward off any hacker or DDoS attacks.

Joomla (CMS Platforms)

If you are looking for a free-of-cost source to create your website, Joomla is a great option for you. It offers you a wide range of templates and extensions. Although the platform is free, it requires you to have hosting and domain names. The CMS platform was launched in 2005, thus making it one of the oldest platforms with WordPress. The officials can leverage it as a government website CMS as well.


Well, WooCommerce is not a CMS platform but a plugin of WordPress. Therefore, before installing it, you should have WordPress. Also, the site requires you to have a hosting and domain name. The numerous extensions present on the platform help you optimize your site for more functionality. As a marketer, you can leverage the platform to sell both digital and physical products. Moreover, it offers you a default option to pay by PayPal. But if you don’t use it and need some other payment method, you can always add extensions.


It is one of the popular CMS platforms that support the website of several colleges and universities. It is an expert in providing you with a highly optimized website to handle a lot of data. You can add numerous modules to your website to enhance its functionality. Moreover, it also offers you community support to ease your journey with the technical stuff.

Wix (CMS Platforms)

If you are a stranger to terms like blogging and website, it’s time to get started with Wix. Indeed it is one of the best beginner-friendly options which helps you swiftly yet effectively start your blogging journey. Its drag-and-drop option is the best way to design your website without much effort.

Concluding Remarks

Websites help you create a dominant online presence, and through various CMS platforms, you can accomplish your desired goals. We hope this article helps you choose the perfect CMS platform to create your website.


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