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Make Your Brand Stand Out with Raised Spot Business Cards

People are now more advanced than before. They are more attracted to premium and high-quality things. Moreover, the business world is also booming day by day creating more and more competition. In this crowd of competitors, you need to do something unique that can not only grab the clients’ attention but also hold it for a longer time. One of the best ways to do that is to keep high-quality business cards. Business cards are very important to make an impression on customers and visitors.

A business card includes important information about your business like the name of the business, owner or CEO name, contact details, logo, etc. So as a business owner, you may already know how important business cards are for you.

What are Raised Spot Business Cards

Raised spot business cards are a type of business or visiting card that has a special printing effect. These visiting cards are made with a special ink process where some of the letters or designs are embossed with spot-raised ink. By using this popular spot UV finish you can add texture in the selected areas of your business card to highlight your most important feature.

In raised spot business cards some letters are printed in such a way that they are raised a little higher than the other area of the card using raised ink. This card is specially designed to show people the most important information about your business and to highlight them. You can highlight your business logo, business name, or the theme of your brand.

How can you increase your Brand Value?

Brand image is very important to make a business successful. It creates value and builds a good reputation for your business. Brand image is what drives sales and increases revenue. You need your brand image to be long-lasting in order to build long-term relationships with your customers.

The market is full of competition. These competitions also bring similar choices for your customers. Although you offer great products or services, what if people don’t even think to try them? Unless you grab their attention at first glance, it’s hard to keep them up for long.

So make your brand stand out with the raised UV spot business card. You can create a long-lasting impression by adding texture and depth to your visiting card. When you give these cards to people they can touch and feel the difference. The card itself will speak about the authenticity of your brand.

People love premium things and Spot Raised Business Card offers just that. You can make your brand premium and memorable by adding your brand color, logo, and design to the visiting card and highlighting it with spot UV print.

Features of Raised Spot Business Cards

1. You can highlight your business logo or name with raised UV spot print.

2. Spot UV finish gives a texture to your card.

3. Raised spot print can be used on the Front Side of the card.

4. The cards can be colored on one side or both according to your requirements.

5. The card comes in 3.2″ x 2 ″ size.

6. The cards come in the paper type of 16 pt. cardstock

7. It features a velvet soft-touch finish.

The Bottom Line

With the changing preferences and interests of people, you need to adapt your marketing strategies as well. Simple paper business cards worked great at one time but may not necessarily do so in the future. Businesses need to keep trying new strategies to attract new-age customers.

Now that you know how these cards can enhance your brand value, you should definitely invest in them. In today’s modern world, premium things are given more importance and remembered. So make your brand premium by adding a splash of luxury to your visiting cards with Spot UV Finish.


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