Fujifilm GFX50S II Body Camera


51.4MP large format sensor The GFX50S II is equipped with a 51.4MP large format sensor. Which is combined with FUJINON GF series lenses to produce incredibly high-resolution images.
The vlogging camera with a flip screen has a special system.
Using small light-harvesting microlenses on the matrix increases the gap between adjacent pixels. Thereby increasing the amount of light entering each pixel to achieve additional image clarity.

The large light-receiving area for each pixel increases ISO sensitivity and dynamic range. Improves tone rendition, controls highlight, and shadow clipping while preserving object texture, and reproduces the atmosphere of the scene in precise detail.

The large-format sensor’s ability to maintain a very shallow depth of field can beautifully blur the background, adding clarity and drawing viewers’ attention to the main subject.

Lots of film simulation modes (GFX50S II)

The GFX50S II has 19 film simulation modes, including Nostalgic Neg. Designed for the GFX100S, with high saturation and soft tonalities. You can use ready-made film simulation modes designed for different types of scenes and objects while watching the finished image in real-time.

Compact built-in 5-axis IS for up to 6.5 stops of exposure compensation

The GFX50S II digital film camera features a five-axis stabilization mechanism that delivers up to six and a half stops * 3, the highest in the history of the GFX series. This is made possible by the use of a high-quality gyro sensor and accelerometer that track movement with a high degree of accuracy. The gyro sensor design provides high precision motion detection and image stabilization.
This film camera fundamentally expands the use of a large-format digital camera. Rather than being mounted on a tripod for slow and cautious shooting. In addition, the GFX50S II can take very high-quality handheld shots thanks to its image stabilization system.

Fast, high-precision autofocusing thanks to a high-speed processor and the latest algorithms.

Moreover, GFX50S II’s fast, high-precision autofocus system is made possible by the coordinated work of the high-resolution large format sensor. The high-speed X-Processor 4 image processor, and the latest image stabilization mechanism. When focusing, a built-in stabilization mechanism controls the micro-movement of the sensor to increase speed and accuracy. Allowing photographers to shoot in virtually any condition.


Furthermore, the GFX50S II digital camera uses the X-Processor 4 processor and the latest algorithm that increases the autofocus refresh rate. This improves AF accuracy in the face and eye detection compared to the previous model * 4. The fast focusing capability, despite using a large format sensor with a shallow depth of field, is a great help when shooting portraits while on the move.