gown preservation
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If you’ve come across this post, it’s surely not by chance. You must have made up your mind about opting for wedding gown preservation, and rightly so.
Particularly if you want your wedding attire to stay pristine self for a long time to come. Regardless of why you want to opt for the best cleaning and preservation procedure.
Whether to cherish your special day for years to come. Perhaps in hopes of passing it down as an heirloom to the next generation or simply to sell it off in the distant future, storing the gown properly does matter. In fact, storing the gown properly prevents it from turning yellow.

What is a gown preservation box?

Gown preservation boxes are specially crafted, acid-free storage boxes designed for archival needs. It helps keep your gown pristine for years to come. Most of the time, the boxes are crafted from heavy-duty corrugated cardboard. In case you were to move or it lay in the back of the closet.

Though these come in various sizes and colors. They are built for one purpose – to protect the wedding gown for a foreseeable future.

Do you really need a wedding gown preservation box?

When you choose a reliable and professional gown preservation company. You can rest assured knowing that your wedding gown would stay the same for 70-80 years at least.

Thus, when it comes to preserving a dress for a long duration and keeping it safe from weather elements, and preventing it from yellowing or staining. Nothing beats a thoughtfully manufactured lignin-free and acid-free preservation box. It is great for the preservation of delicate fabric storage.

Types of wedding dress preservation boxes

There are many different types of storage boxes in the market. But some local wedding gown cleaners and preservation services offer a simple cardboard box – clearly something you shouldn’t opt for. As for the other types, here’s a brief lowdown of some of those.

  • Stand-alone wedding gown packaging and storage: These are simple acid-free boxes that individuals can buy themselves. This is particularly handy when you opt for a separate gown cleaning or dry cleaning service. And choose to preserve the dress yourself by following DIY methods online. Though we don’t recommend doing this, it can be of some help if you are on a tight budget.
  • Wedding gown archival packaging: This too uses an acid-free storage box. But also comes with all the necessary packaging to keep the gown wrinkle-free or crease-free, and helps the dress retain its shape, even years later. It even uses acid-free tissue paper to be wrapped in the inner sides of the dress, when placing the gown inside.
  • Wedding gown preservation with display: This is by far the best option when it comes to wedding dress preservation. Simply opt for a reliable wedding gown cleaner and preservation service. They’ll handle the preservation process from start to finish.
  • They use tried-and-tested non-abrasive solutions that are gentle on the garment and use preservation standards used in museums. The best part is that the boxes have a display cut out for you to conduct a visual inspection of the dress from time to time.

The best place to store preservation boxes

Once you’ve found a professional gown preservation company – one which offers a complete range of services. It’s important to store the gown as advised for best results.

Make sure that you follow the guidelines specified by the preservation company. And keep it in a place where the dress would be safe and free from the effects of weather elements.

Do not keep it in a damp basement or a hot and humid attic. Keep it in a temperature-controlled environment such as under the bed in your bedroom or in your bedroom closet. This way, the dress would stay its pristine self for a long time.