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Prototyping Manufacturer: Since 2005, we have served customers from China, Japan, Europe, and North America for prototype engineering projects as one of China’s leading quick prototyping manufacturers.

Rapid prototyping Manufacturer, prototype engineering, CNC machining, and metal fabrication are all services we offer. We have very successful stories and cases in different industries, such as electronics, medical devices, automotive, sporting products, plastic injection molds, communication, mechanical components, sheet metal tooling, and so on, with almost 10 years of prototyping experience and state-of-the-art technology.

Factory with ISO 9001 Certification

Our factory’s ambition is to be the top rapid prototyping company in China. We strive to maintain a high level of quality in order to provide clients with precision metal parts and plastic prototypes at reasonable pricing and on-time delivery.

For all rapid prototyping manufacturers in China who wish to win any competition, part quality will be crucial. Regardless of how small or large an order is. We will inspect every dimension to ensure that it is of acceptable quality. What’s more, we’ll never stop working to improve the quality of our products and services.

Team of Experts for prototyping Manufacturer

It’s Not Just Precision Equipment.
We acknowledge that modern equipment is not a critical component for each of China’s rapid prototyping companies. Precision prototypes can only be produced in an efficient but low-cost manner by the right personnel with good technology and solid experience.

Our organization has a fantastic leadership team of five people who have spent more than 25 years working in engineering-related industries. They are aware of the need for precision prototype engineering and how to deal with issues.

Exceptional Technicians

Furthermore, we have over 30 highly skilled and well-trained technicians on staff. The majority of which have been with the plant since its inception. They are the company’s most important guarantee of long-term success. In recent years, more and more technicians have joined our manufacturing as a result of the rising business.

The sales personnel is also professional, not only speaking and writing English fluently but also capable of performing early engineering evaluations. Because they were mechanical engineers before, they can speak with customers quickly and accurately about any manufacturing issue.

Principles of Business: (prototyping Manufacturer)

The lifeblood of any business is product quality.
Quality, we believe, is the lifeblood of every precision quick prototyping manufacturer in China. To be competitive in the market, we have implemented a stringent quality control and management system throughout all prototype production processes in order to avoid even the tiniest flaw.

Money is made by the time.
To assist customers in winning more and more competition, we make every effort to reduce production time. Once a customer’s purchase has been verified, we will begin preparing raw materials and creating a thorough manufacturing plan.

Customers from all across the world

With years of steady growth, we’ve worked with a variety of direct and indirect clients, including Tupperware, Toyota, Midea, Gree, Huawei, and Guangri. They are pleased with our services and have a long-term relationship with our factory.

We know how to achieve the high quality that clients require while saving costs and time to help them thrive. As the most competent Chinese fast prototyping firm, having operated for nearly ten years. We are confident that our clients’ achievement will result in a positive return on our investment.