kitchen cupboard handles

Give a new air to your home. A new knob, handle or crank is a way to renew the decoration of your house in a very short time. Surely if you were to renovate your living room now. You would know what material you want the dining room table to be, the color of the shelf… you would know everything. But would you think about the door kitchen cupboard handles? As we know the small details are what complete the whole. We are going to give you some tips to choose the door kitchen cupboard handles according to the style of your house.

Vintage style for kitchen cupboard handles

If you are one of those who are passionate about vintage decoration. Furthermore, you will know that the colors that predominate in this style are white, pastels, beige with an aged look, or even white with pale shades similar to coffee. If you want your home to have this style, we recommend using our handles with a “shabby chic” design.

At Decoranddecor we believe that there is furniture that speaks. Of course, not literally, but it is true that vintage furniture has many stories to tell. Therefore, if you want to give your furniture an antique character without making it classic. We recommend this type of door handle design. They will surely be very useful to you!

Rustic style

If you imagine your perfect house full of beams, wood, stone… then it is clear: the rustic style is in your DNA. The rustic style belongs to one of the most traditional interior decoration classes of the home. Normally to achieve this style you should use worn gold-colored door handles.

Another tip for choosing the kitchen cupboard handles for interior doors is that they have some particular shape as we show you in the images below.

We leave you a selection to buy your perfect door handle. Do you dare with this style?

A minimalist design (kitchen cupboard handles)

Modern style decoration is currently one of the most chosen decorations, not only by young people but also by those who want to give their home a new approach.

It is a simple style, in which stainless steel and aluminum door handles predominate. In this style, it is about reducing the forms to the simplest, for this reason, straight cranks or with some sinuous or smooth shape stand out.

On our website, you can choose from a wide variety of metal fittings for kitchen and bathroom furniture, dressers, and metal living room furniture.

The classics

The first thing we are going to do is ask you a question. How can you maintain the classic aesthetic without using the typical wooden knobs? At Decoranddecor we have the answer and different kitchen cupboard handles to choose from in brass, iron, silver, and antique bronze finishes. The classic is not at odds with the elegant and different. In this style, you can also use classic wooden knobs.

Do you like these two models?

This is where we can play with the layout.  Our children’s rooms should and should be cheerful and fun, with different shapes, colors, and sizes. How about having a chest of drawers with frog kitchen cupboard handles? Something as small as a door handle can be turned into a toy for your children.

We can also highlight other very interesting models such as handles with an ethnic style or those made of methacrylates. At Decoranddecor we have an extensive catalog with hundreds of models. In other words, the possibilities and combinations are endless, all that remains is to decide. What style is yours and venture to give a new touch to your home? Do you dare?