If you run a business or you’re in a profession that demands serving people and solving problems, you’ll find FreshBooks a great tool. It’s a product that helps you save time. Anyone in business understands how precious time is. 

What is FreshBooks?

Generally, this is an accounting program that is cloud-based and allows you to send and create invoices. It also helps you manage your clients and projects. It accepts online payments. 

FreshBooks are Ideal For:

Invoicing customers

As FreshBooks offers a powerful invoicing feature, it’s one of the best products out there. For instance, you can choose your preferred currency, create professional invoices within no time. And you can also send your invoices from anywhere in the world using a mobile app. 

Best tracker app

Employers can easily track their employee’s time and add it to their invoices.

Project management teams

Other than tracking employees’ time, the app also has collaborative tools that let you track the hours spent on a project, and you can seamlessly chat with your team members. In addition, you can manage your operations better, including a budget, by comparing your costs to actual time and expenses. 

Businesses looking for QuickBooks alternatives

FreshBooks offers similar features to QuickBooks Online, but it has a much lower price. If you compare the expense categorization, billable time tracking, receipt capture, and concurrent users, you’ll notice the difference. 

Businesses engaged in eCommerce

Anyone selling products online can find this app super helpful. It can integrate the following: eBay, Shopify, Selz, Squarespace, and many more. 

FreshBooks Pricing

It has four plans which start from a monthly fee of $15. 

So, these prices vary with the number of billable numbers to clients and other advanced features. And these include double-entry accounting reports, automated recurring invoices, or dedicated account managers. It could help you save up to 10 percent if paid yearly. 

 Plan:  Lite 

 Cost: $15 per month


  • Send unlimited invoices
  • Track limitless expenses
  • Five billable clients
  • Send limitless estimates
  • Takes credit cards and bank transfers payments
  • Access reports and monitors sales tax
  • Accessible on Android and iOS 

Plan:  Plus 

Cost: $25 per month


It offers everything the Lite plan provides, including:

  • 50 billable clients
  • Automatic cost tracking 
  • Send limitless proposals
  • Create periodic billing and client retainers
  • Access business health reports
  • Double-entry accounting reports
  • Contact your accountant
  • Track miles with your phone

Plan: Premium

Cost: $50/month


Offers everything the Plus plan offers, including:

  • Unlimited billable clients
  • Monitor project profitability
  • Track payable bills, bill payments, and accounts payable
  • Adjustable email templates, signatures, and dynamic fields
  • Sends late payment reminders and bill fees automatically 
  • Accepts payment with checkout links
  • Access financial and accounting reports

You can also find an add-on option in each of the FreshBooks price plans above- whether it’s advanced payments, Gusto payroll, or team members.  

Benefits of FreshBooks

  • Quickly create professional receipts that will show your clients you’re serious about business.
  • Organize and log your receipts in FreshBooks, which helps you track your expenditure. 
  • It includes a mobile app for accounting and invoicing that you can use on the go.
  • FreshBooks will automatically pull your tracked time to your invoice, so you can invoice what you’re worth. 
  • It lets you connect with your client and staff members quickly, making you better understand your business.
  • The software allows you to accept online credit card payments and start receiving automatic deposits. That means you’re less likely to chase clients for checks. So, you get paid 11 days faster than other ordinary means of payment.  
  • If you want to track where your business stands-if it’s profitable or not, this will show on the dashboard. And the information helps you to focus on where it needs a boost.
  • A combination of this with other apps can be a great tool.
  • FreshBooks provides better customer service compared to most of its competitors. It has a great set of templates. That includes a user-friendly interface that is ideal for accounting right from the beginning. 

FreshBooks Features

It’s is a tool that offers a robust of great features that are user-friendly such as:

  • Billing and recurring invoicing
  • Expense Tracking
  • Reporting $ Statistics
  • Customizable Invoices
  • Alerts/Notification
  • Double-entry accounting
  • Mobile Accounting 
  • Project Management
  • Activity Dashboards
  • API

Now, let’s expound on the above features, including the software reviews that will help you:

Expense tracking

FreshBooks allows you to track your business expenses.

So, you can sync your bank account or credit card to the app. You can also upload receipts that this software stores in the cloud.

Customizable Invoices

As the app enables the user to customize invoices, a company can build its brand image by adding its logo. And this gives a strong brand identity. And you can as well send reminders to your clients. Depending on your preferred pricing plan, you can automatize the invoice process.

Project Management

You can simplify your work activities by requesting your employees or business partners to share documents with you. And to also manage projects. In addition, it also allows users to keep files in a single online location. As a result, different departments can easily access their required files.

Custom Estimates

With this software, you can customize estimates and send

them out as invoices. Based on the range of your project, timeline, and deliverables, you may customize your proposals.

Accounting Reports

FreshBooks provides you with critical insights into accounting reports that inform you if your business is on track. That helps you to adjust or re-strategize your business. 

Mileage Tracking

It helps your business to be on top of your taxes as the app helps track your mileage. 

Multi-currency Accounting

Most businesses aim to take their business on an international level. So, this software allows you to do that with its multi-currency accounting tools. And you can track your invoices and expenses for your global clients in one place.

Moreover, It allows you to choose the appropriate currency for each expense your clients make. And you also get to choose to send the invoice in their language. 

Is FreshBooks Safe?

Clients must know if this accounting app is safe. And we can assure you that there are various security measures taken to safeguard and protect user data. That includes a 256-bit SSL encryption that keeps your interactions with the website private. And the app also has a firewall. 

Additionally, FreshBooks’s data centers have constant surveillance and biometric access controls that tell you it’s protected. There are much more security measures that ensure the data is not leaked.

And talking of data, it’s held across various database servers in two separate geographic locations. So, if something unexpected happens, the data is sufficiently backed up. 

And that tells you that FreshBooks is safe. Right?

What are FreshBooks Options?

Another alternative for FreshBooks is QuickBooks Online. These two are potent tools and work best in different types of business and use cases. 

FaceBooks Reviews

I was amazed at how FreshBooks alleviates my stress. And the basic setup is straightforward.

Setting up FreshBooks Is a Breeze

FreshBooks lets you dash so you can send invoices, manage projects, track expenses, and serve your clients better.

“Within a day, I had hooked up my bank. And in a month, I had imported my bank transactions for the previous year into the tool.


We’ve given you a good dose of why you need FreshBooks if you’re a contractor, freelancer, or have a solid small business. Furthermore, this software also stands out with its excellent customer service and several customizable invoicing features.