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The concept of hosting Virtual corporate events such as virtual town halls, annual day celebrations, annual general meetings, etc. is gaining popularity these days, and rightly so. Businesses and organizations have understood the need to give some moments of leisure to the employees.

If you are planning to host a virtual annual function for work, let us dive right into the blog and have a look at some of the most interesting ideas.

How to Plan and Host a Virtual Corporate Annual Function?

Pick the Right Time and Date

The first and foremost step to host a memorable virtual annual fest is to pick the right date and time for the event. Though this factor gets overlooked by several organizers, they don’t realize that not picking up the appropriate date and time can affect the success of virtual events to the maximum extent. Hence, there are various things you need to consider while selecting the date. For example, research shows that Mondays and Fridays are considered the best for hosting corporate events. Along with this, pick the right time for your function; bear in mind that your employees have a life beyond the office. Hence, it would be best to plan the fest between office hours.

Select the Suitable Virtual Event Service Provider

Now that you have picked the date and time, it’s time for you to get your hands on the most appropriate platform for your virtual annual function. However, make sure you don’t compromise with the quality when it comes to the virtual event service provider. Spend enough time, and compare two or three available options before making the final choice.

Here are a few features that you should look for in a virtual event platform:

  • Play it wise by selecting an all-in-one solution for your virtual annual function. It would help you save time as well as effort.
  • Look for audience engagement tools in an event solution. Keep this formula in mind; the more the merrier.
  • The platform should have a simple interface. It would make it easy for the audience to go through the platform and join the virtual annual function.
  • While looking for the platform, ensure the one you choose is secure enough so that you host the event without worrying about online threats.
  • Last but not least, keep your budget in mind, and go for the one that fits perfectly into it.

Send Invitations for annual day

Though your employees already have an idea about the annual day celebrations, we suggest you invite them officially. And please, don’t just send them the meeting link. Get a bit innovative with the invites, and you can send video invites as well. I mean, what better than the boss inviting their employees to the function. Make it funny; maybe you can add your famous in-house joke to add the personal touch. If you’re planning on adding some surprise elements to the event, you can drop hints in the video. It will compel the audience to join the virtual event.

Drop-in Reminders

Ensure your employees, stakeholder, investors, and everyone associated with the company doesn’t forget about the event by dropping in timely reminders. Though the chances are less, it can happen. Hence, play it safe by reminding them about the upcoming event. Either you can roll out mails or take them to social media. Again, make them interesting by adding previous years’ pictures and dropping hints.

Use Audience Engagement Activities

Make your virtual annual function engaging, fun, and interesting by incorporating different ideas and activities. Having a set of fun activities will add to the liveliness of your annual function and keep your attendees hooked to their screens.

Here are some virtual holiday party ideas that can make your annual day event memorable:

  • Host a talent show.
  • Make a virtual dance party part of your event.
  • How about hosting a costume contest?
  • Raise a toast to your office peers and achievements at a virtual cocktail party!
  • How about a virtual gala night?
  • A virtual award show is also an interesting idea to comprise.

Stick to The Event Flow

Your virtual annual day is just a matter of a day; the intent behind hosting it is to give your employees a break from the monotony of work and some moments of fun. Hence, stick to the objective and keep work away from the event. Also, keep timings fixed for the virtual annual day celebrations, and don’t exceed them. People attending the event might have other prior commitments.

Collect Feedback for annual day

Wait, your event isn’t over yet. It is the time for one of the most crucial steps. Collect post-event feedback from all your attendees; it will help you understand the attendee’s point of view. Knowing the audience’s perspective will help you get a better idea and execute future strategies better.

What are the Benefits of Hosting a Corporate Annual Day?

Generation of Extra Revenue

Corporate annual fests and other events are an excellent opportunity for business owners to generate additional revenue. Various methods allow the organizers to create extra revenue sources through corporate annual functions and other corporate events such as sponsorship, ad space, merchandise.

Such Events Promote Healthy Work Environment

Another significant advantage of hosting virtual annual events is that such activities create a healthy environment at work. These activities help the employees get their minds off work and refresh their minds, enabling them to perform better.

Strengthen the Team Spirit

Events like virtual annual functions help the organizations bring all their employees and stakeholders on the same page. It gives the employees a chance to interact with their fellow employees from different teams. It is through such events and occasions, people get to know their colleagues beyond work and develop a healthy bonding.

Helps You Stand Out From the Crowd for annual day

Another notable advantage of hosting virtual annual functions is they help the organizations stand apart from their competitors. These events enable them to grab the limelight and be a matter of talk among their fellow organizations and the audience.

Deepens Relations With Clients

Let us talk about another benefit of hosting virtual annual functions. Corporate Annual Functions help businesses maintain a healthy relationship with their clients, investors, and stakeholders. No matter the reason, annual functions will help you and your clients get on the same platform and celebrate success together.

Motivate the Employees

Platforms like virtual annual functions, virtual town halls, and virtual award ceremonies give an excellent opportunity to the organizations to appreciate their employees for their sincerity, dedication, and contribution towards the company. And by the way, who doesn’t like being appreciated? Your employees will love it too and will get motivated to work harder.

We hope this blog has helped you have clarity about the steps and ideas to host an unforgettable virtual annual function! Host a memorable virtual event and have a great time with your employees.


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