Christmas wish centerpiece- 10 Christmas Gifts that Will Give Instant Happiness

Christmas is an essential festival which many people usually wait to celebrate every year. It always takes place on the 25th December of every year. Most families gather to celebrate this holiday season in many different ways. You may decide to surprise your loved ones with gifts in the form of Christmas flowers.
The Christmas wish centerpiece is essential to the gift of showing love and care to your families and friends. Are you worried about which Christmas wish centerpiece or Christmas flower to give your loved ones as gifts in this festive season? You are at the right place.
You will get the top ten list of gifts and Christmas flowers that you can give your families and friends during this essential festive celebration. It will provide them with instant happiness. They will also know that you care and love them.

Top ten Christmas flowers to give as gifts.

There are various flowers which are most specifically for Christmas gifts. The florists can use different kinds to make the best Christmas wish centerpiece, bringing you instant happiness.
The Christmas flowers come in different types and colors. Here are the top ten, then you may choose to give in the form of a gift.

Bleeding heart vine

It is a white and red flowering vine that is always attractive. The balloon flowers can bloom for a more extended period making them perfect for a Christmas wish centerpiece. Your loved ones will be happy with these flowers and even carry them to the new year celebration.


Red amaryllis made a perfect mixture for the Christmas wish centerpiece in traditional Christmas decorations. You can decide to mix it with other flowers to bring out an ideal gift for your loved ones.

Christmas rose

Christmas rose is from the family of buttercup. It is usually not a traditional flower. It marks one of the best Christmas flowers, which blossoms from late fall to early spring. 


Poinsettia blossoms with perfect striking, vibrant, and attractive flowers. You need to consider this type of Christmas flower to bring happiness to your gift. 

You can use this mixture with other types to make an excellent Christmas wish centerpiece for your loved ones. The flower matches the traditional decoration for Christmas.


Hydrangea can also make one of the best Christmas flowers. You can use it in the form of a bouquet and accompany it with any form of a gift of your choice. Since the hydrangea can retain flowers until winter, it makes a perfect choice for your Christmas arrangement.

Red roses

The vibrant color of the red roses usually matches the festive season tone. Since roses are perfect for showing love, they will bring happiness to your families and friends. They can make the best cut for Christmas flowers arrangement.

Christmas cactus

Christmas cactus usually have the same blossoms as that Christmas. They can make the best gift options during this essential festive season. It comes in different colors like white, red, purple, and pink flowers, perfect for a houseplant.


When choosing your Christmas flowers to use as gifts, you need to consider these bright, broad, red-colored flowers for your Christmas wish centerpiece. They usually bring that festive vibe and can give instant happiness to everyone.

Moth orchids

Moth orchids are usually essential to style your Christmas arrangement decoration. If you want it to grow ideally, consider giving it bright indirect light. You will never go wrong with these Christmas flowers.


If you want to make one of the classic Christmas wreaths, consider going for Holly. It is also essential in making bushes around your home. It has got red berries and foliage to help it stand out. 

Final words

The list above marks the top ten Christmas flowers that can bring happiness to your face. You can also use them to make a perfect Christmas wish centerpiece for your loved ones. Consider choosing the best colors that your families and friends would love to receive as gifts.