5 Sample Super Bowl Squares Template For Free Download

Are you planning to throw a super bowl party with your friends? If yes, then nothing could replace this awesome celebration during super bowl sport. However, this game is pretty famous across the United States. Many people play the super bowl squares along with loved ones to have a friendly competition to win the money. Making super bowl squares template is a perfect thing to add zest to the party. So, there are several templates available online that you can download for free to play super bowl squares. In this post, you will get to understand five popular templates to get without any cost.

10×10 grid squares template (super bowl squares template)

The most commonly used and popular as well grid for super bowl squares is with 10×10 boxes. It contains 100 squares for every player to occupy the box for playing the game. In order to play with this square, you only need to keep in mind a few guidelines. First, you have to assign one team with a column and another row. Then you have to label each column and row from numbers 0 to 9. Remember that you have to fill all the 100 squares to play the game.

Therefore, you need interested people that really want to contribute to the prize and play. You can play with 1 dollar contribution by each player, let’s suppose. At the end of 1, 2, 3 quarters, and end of the game, the last digits of the final scores will be used. You can take that numbers and match the column and row to see where the scores intersect. It is the way to determine the winner by playing with this template. You can download it absolutely free from betting websites and can stick it to a wall of your room.

10-line squares template

If you have a small number of convinced people to play super bowl squares, you can consider using this template. This is certainly free to download from online websites. But, unlike the standard 10×10 grid template, each player would get only one square.

However, it is the easiest template when you only have limited friends to play the game. In this template, you will get three different sections to play the game. There are three pools in this template, and each would have one name of the participating player. You can write the names of players on each line of choice in the template. Then, you have to draw 0 to 9 numbers randomly using a deck under the hat. You can also use any other object to place the confidential deck while picking the numbers.

There is no hard and quick rule to use only the hat. So, by picking the numbers, you can write them in front of the name of each player. Then you have to see the final scores, and the combination of the last digits would be the winning number. For example, if the score is 15 and 7, then the sum would be 12. The last digit is two, and the player who has the number 2 on the square is the winner.

25-line squares template

It is again the best super bowl squares template that is available free to download and paste. In this template, you only have 25 squares, with each square on a row and column. You can play with this template similar to the standard template. The best thing about this template is that you can also get it with quarter lines and halftime lines. The quarter-line template will enable each player to have an assortment of numbers across the game. The halftime lines will also allow you to play by changing the numbers after halftime.

This is the perfect template to use when the players are a few, and the odds are higher. You can write names for each team on the column and row side and watch the game between the teams. For instance, if the scores at each quarter-end intersect with particular squares, you will get the winner. In a 25-line squares template, you will also get the larger square boxes to write the full names of the participants. It will let you keep a clear view of the template even from a distance.

50 squares template

If you think that a 10 or 25 squares template is not your favorite thing, switch to 50 squares template. It is similarly available to download free from the websites. There is no rocket science to find such a template as you can sign up to a site and do the same.

However, a 50-line super bowl squares template is good to play the game without any doubt. But, it is something different than other types. In this template, the team on the top side would get only one number, but the team on the left side would get two numbers. It gives the players two chances to match the scores at each quarter-end.

Similar to the 25-line template, this template also has quarter line and halftime lines to play. So, if you have few players to play but want to make the game exciting, then this template is great.

10×10 squares with two sets (super bowl squares template)

Another good template you can download free online is 10×10 grids with two sets of numbers. This template is available with different numbers for each half of the match. You can play with this template to determine the winner at each half of the live game. This is a printable template to play along with friends during the great super bowl squares party.

Which template is right to choose?

Well, it depends upon the number of players you have to participate in the game. It is most important to fill all the squares for playing the game well. So, you should ensure to fill each square with the name of every player to assign the numbers. If some squares remain empty, then the scores can intersect with an empty square. This means that no one would get anything at such an intersection which will make the play boring.

The Final Say

Fulfill the Sunday with a super bowl party is an exciting way to watch and enjoy the game. It gives you a chance to earn some money as well. So, choose the appropriate super bowl squares template and download it free to play.